Upcoming Book

An Aspiring Forthcoming Author who Overcame Great Odds, and Bridging Realities

   Based upon life experiences of not having accepted the beliefs that I had Cerebral Palsy; furthermore, didn’t buy into that limitations and labels are in-stone, providing mindset that comes with a label can make a huge difference in the healing process as well as in any life conditions one faces.

  Overcoming life lessons towards valuing individuality, roadblocks of the following: unresolved emotions from abandonment by mother, having been separated from twin and family, problems resulting from experiences of foster care, bullied in school as well as peers and adults alike, labeled as not worthy, and stigmatized from nearly every “difference.”  An inner quest to grow that naturally led to reversing Cerebral Palsy, what stopped her from taking her power, and what she did to reclaim it.

Disabling imposed labels and limitations, by living resilient through curiosity. The Pathway of Tenaciously Finding and Using Tools for Body, Mind and Spirit.”

Using tenacity, diligence, curiosity and courage to bounce back from fall’s, to reach beyond obstacles, clearing hidden belief systems, limitations, and fears – Thus making the impossible, probable.

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