What People Are Saying

“Callie has remarkable insight.  Her perspective offers a unique and rewarding approach to health.  She presents an “insider look” at navigating challenge and change.  Knowing her has transformed my points of view, and inspired me to further develop my awareness and sensitivity.”  Marcia Loft ~ Seattle

“I have known Callie for over 4 years and she has had tremendous growth with her personal development and spiritual development. She is really good at helping people to clear their limiting beliefs so that they can be free of what is blocking them. She has seen tremendous healing with her healing work and you can tell that she is dedicated to helping others..” –  Tiffany Powers – AZ, USA
“Callie has helped me clear some worthiness issues I have had surrounding caring for myself first and best, even while I am spending most of my time caring for my elderly mother. Not only am I happier now, I am also a better caregiver.” – Kathy Adams. – AZ, USA
“I would like to thank Callie for my session. The session was terrific and awesome!!!!!!! I know in my heart that I am on the right path with Theta Healing. It has uplifted my spirits to my highest level.” – Lydia Hock. – Las Vegas, NV, USA
“Callie did a session with me. It helped me get rid of some trauma and blocks to intuition. Am very grateful. If you are interested, these sessions are priceless.” – Janet Charette. – Canada

“Just had an awesome Theta Healing session with Callie LeVina! It was my first one! Great way to clear blocks.” – Cindy Lynn. Jones., Eastern United States

“Thank you, Callie LeVina, for the wonderful Theta Healing session you gave to me … It helped me clear some of my deep negative beliefs and blocks … I am so grateful to you.” –  Alaa A. E. H. – United Arab Emerites


“Just had a great session with Callie LeVina! I had this great insight about needing to thank my body more, thus leading to feeling more in my body…thus ‘home’…Very profound!!!!” – Katelon T. Jeffereys. – AZ, USA

“Well, I had a miracle this morning, and it came as a gift from you, Callie! There is so much that ties in, and it makes perfect sense in my heart. I’ll try to put it into words. I’ve had an old pattern resurface, yet again, and it wants to take me below my bottom line (acceptance) and back to my old default settings, but I don’t want to go back! I’ve been doing ‘A Course In Miracles’ (ACIM) lessons, reading, Gorgeous for God, and I have been surrendering, and focusing on God. I even started a beautiful journal, that was a gift from a friend, as an inspiration and guidance journal. I’ve been writing in little tidbits I can use to keep me on course, but this old pattern is really pushing and making itself known!! I’m gaining weight, and I’m so ashamed of myself!!! (well, was…keep reading) This morning I had the chance to chat with you, and after hearing more about your miracle and just seeing the glow and ease in your whole being, out came my shame. And I felt like telling you about it, and like an angel, you said, ‘May I help you with that?’ And I said, ‘yes.’ I remembered, surrender, ask for help, and so, I said, ‘yes, please.’ You worked your Theta Healing magic, which feels like powerful prayer asking for God’s help, and I felt much better when we finished. Muscle testing showed a change I was very pleased with! I felt very at ease, and smooth, with a very quiet mind. Then I sat to have my breakfast with God and my ‘studies’, lessons from ACIM, other lessons from Gorgeous for God or something similar. Well, what did I see but ‘have a sudden change!’? Well, that’s just what I did this morning, I’m sure. I have felt so at ease, eating in a whole different way (which I didn’t even expect) and having no trace of that shame. It’s just gone. That’s it. I’ve shifted. And I love the thought that what any of us does, we do for all. So, there you go Callie. You and l released a heavy load of shame today. Not bad for a morning’s work.” – Aimee Lauezzari. – London


“I am so grateful for the wonderful Theta Healing session that Callie LeVina has done for me. I broke my wrist and she helped me so much the first day… when I was really in trauma. I felt a lessening of pain and greater emotional ease. She helped me prior to having a cast put on, then I did another session with her while I had the cast on, and then she did a couple of sessions after I got my cast off. All in all, it’s been a wonderful experience. I felt just so relieved of pain, concern, worry, and stress. The fact Callie helped me over the phone was so amazing, and that’s wonderful since I didn’t have time to see her in person. I really would recommend Theta Healing to anybody for anything, and to be used for just about everything. Callie is really good at what she does, very patient, kind, carrying, centered, and balanced.” – Kaarisa Karley. – Kent, WA

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