• Personal Development / Coaching
    * Alternative Career Counseling
    * Healing Arts / Energetic Facelift / Body Process

Certified Services:

Personal Development / Coaching

Alternative Career Counseling

Access Bars Energetic Clearing (In Person)

Access Body Process (In Person)

Access Energetic Facelift (In person)

ThetaHealing® Session

Energy Balancing


” Benefit from making the seemingly impossible, possible.”

All Service Sessions Available:

90-105 mins <> $150.00

60-75 mins <> $100.00

30-45 mins <> $50.00

PACKAGE SPECIAL: (Used within a year of purchase)

3 -> 60-75 mins each <> $225.00 -> Savings of $75.00’s

Please contact me! by email for setting up an appointment and payment arrangements. 

Sessions are usually (unless indicated otherwise) done remotely from anywhere in the world, prepaid, and are held over Zoom meeting app or other options could be considered.

Services are tailored to the client’s needs, therefore, sessions could possibly go 5-15 mins overtime as necessary. Appointment planning availability is M-F from 9am-4pm Pacific Standard Time Zone.

Cancellation Policy: 
Booked  appointments require a 24-hour cancellation notice as a courtesy. Please review terms & conditions in advance. Once appointment arrangements have been made, it’s up to the client to initiate the call. Thank you!

Remember that anything is potentially possible, regardless of circumstances, with an open mind, a belief in a higher power and readiness for change.

Please review disclaimer of terms and conditions to agree to prior to signing up, located in menu under services.