My Testimony

Miracles Of Transformation

“I have a success story to tell … I once had Cerebral Palsy (CP), and now I don’t.

Along my healing journey that began over a decade ago, I have found many tools – and people – that have supported my healing, my wellness, my potential. As a result, I went through metamorphic changes with my body and mind. Little did I realize, that was just the beginning of what more was to come. Back in 2012, was a time I concluded a triumphant academic college experience… In addition, I was guided to a new friend, Tiffany Powers, for assistance with something unrelated to my diagnosed condition of CP, who introduced me to Theta Healing with my 1st time session.

Then a number of months later, Tiffany was my first basic and advanced DNA class teacher. I felt as though I was able to heal my disconnection issues to my Higher Power for the better like never before. Afterward, I had sessions that had to do with CP, with Pamela Duff and Jennifer Farley. It was amazing to experience the subtle energy shift that took place, as if to take care of any other residue of that condition. This contributed to me being compelled to taking a series of more classes that took place four months after the basic class. I felt this knowingness that taking further classes would really catapult me to make internal changes that I felt were required. This would enable me to clean the slate of my past sooner than later, so that I could get on constructively with my life with more ease and joy.

In my discoveries to experiment with probabilities, I’ve learned resilience to survive man-made ‘diagnoses’ of physiological labels by way of having thrived after the following challenges; Cerebral Palsy (I once had), living in multiple foster homes, and having been mentally handicapped.

The gifts of having invested in ThetaHealing®: ThetaHealing® not only helped facilitate energetic change that contributed to restoration of the brain damage that resulted from the condition of Cerebral Palsy, which I no longer have despite society’s beliefs that it is incurable; furthermore, I have more fully stepped into my individuality, with clarity and empowerment, and it greatly contributed to my having been able to fully overcome shocks and traumas (PTSD) from an adverse background. I know how to transform the seemingly impossible into the probable. I offer my deepest gratitude and appreciation to all who have contributed towards this becoming probable in every way, including Karen Greenberg with her Kabbalah courses.
Thank you so much, and sincere regards”

Callie LeVina – Washington

Journey Into Wholeness

I’ve had my share of giving away my power to others, including doctors in particular. Since having been on a healing journey quest for quite a while now, I realized I still had to come to terms with the root of my old ingrained belief that doctors were more powerful than creator of all that is/universal-source or me.
Back during mid August 2013, I had eye doctors concerned that I’d require a cornea transplant, thus I was sent to a specialist the next morning, it was that serious, and with the knowingness of learning to tap into my own innate healing ability. Nonetheless, as I sat in the cornea specialists office, I responded to him about the surgery he already planed out, that I would sleep on it, walked away put out to the universe “I want divine intervention now in the highest best way, this other situation is unacceptable.”
In freeing of giving in or giving my power away, and taking possession of my own mind, I was determined to find a naturopath to see the same day. The universe orchestrated things to line up for me magically, I finally got to see just the right person to give me some guidance from a whole person’s approach to address the root imbalance in my body, taking public transportation can make trips a long day in having to get around to purchase what was necessary to being proactive.
My inner work continued with some different tools that resonated with me and felt guided in using to help me heal whatever needed to be addressed, and some of the time I had additional assistance I was guided to connect with, thus clearing beliefs and unresolved emotions that no longer serve my highest best interest, which took many hours over the next 2_1/2 days to find pattern beliefs I discovered from early childhood of that I was not competent to make my own choices, can’t to this or that, and unable, and so that had led to many years of trying to find others to accept me. It was a rather tough thing to want to be willing to “see” that docs are the only one that can heal and fix me. Having grown up in a trapped body that didn’t all co-operated in the way it was designed, left me being seen and treated as being different or not good enough to relate or be with, nonetheless, my mind and intelligence was mightier then what many others were able to comprehend in the rational mind when it came to my having had metamorphic changes physiologically a number of years ago. And so in knowing my innate ability to recreate, I was determined to get to the bottom of what it was my body wanted or needed to express with my eye. I found unresolved emotions there and asked universal source to help me clear it away and then I re-parented my eye and parts of my inner child that needed my being more present and nurturing towards myself from within. I am so grateful to have found it benefiting to take high quality herb products through Nature’s Sunshine for my eye in place of prescribed medication.
By the third day of this indicated chronic symptom, there was no sign of inflammation nor infection. The original eye doctor who sent me to the specialist called me and I told him I had a miracle and that I won’t be going through the surgery, and shared what I had been doing. The next day he called me again wanting me to see another specialist which I declined to do but accepted to see him that afternoon (3 days after seeing the specialist), In visiting the eye doctor again, at first he noticed there was still some indicated pending danger, took a picture that he was planning to send to a specialist, then demonstrated through a drawing of my situation, decided he’d take a better photo. In the interim, I immediately responded inwardly communicating with my eye and to the universe to take care of this, that it is possible. Suddenly I had my first instant healing on myself that got confirmation by the eye doctor who sort of scratched his head thus wanting to double-check a few times. Thus at the same time I had compassionate understanding that traditional doctors are trained to specialize on combating and controlling the conditions without the awareness of a whole person’s approach. He basically said my eye was healed and he was no longer concerned. Proof I cleared away limiting and disempowering beliefs that no longer hold me captive of giving away my own power. What a liberating breakthrough that just had me beaming with joy radiating from within.
It was amazing to be the witness in facilitating the healing from within through the creator of all that is while in a meditative sate as taught with use of thought-prayer like method used with ThetaHealing® while having done my own inner work as well as through other fellow ThetaHealing® Practitioners who I give credit to for being apart of my miracle breakthrough in some way, thus assisting in facilitating my healing through Creator Of All That Is/God/Universal-Source in re-establishing a better relationships with all parts of myself with acceptance in the highest best way. Thank you especially to Shawna O’Meara, Kathy Adams, Cheryl Lawrence, Tiffany Powers, and thank you to anyone else that’s contributed in any way towards my gained enhanced confidence in being the resilient architect of my experience.
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