Be You! Be Different! Be Strong!

It was certainly wild out in Seattle on Saturday, May 30th, 2020. My residing just 10 blocks from the nearest violence protest downtown, was really uneasy given my sensitivity to external energies. I could not help but feel all the anger from my solar plexus and my mind being stressed, easily to take on mirroring anger. Fortunately, I’ve been safe and sound.

My awareness told me something unsettling was going on. I then eventually learned of the mayor had called in an emergency curfew due to certain groups with the intention of storming into peaceful protest marches to cause damage. After I got caught up on what was going on, I had a friend from west Seattle check in on me to see that I was okay, for which I’m so grateful for, and thereafter, I was reminded of some energy process to do which really helped me a great deal. I have been doing some energy processes that contribute to releasing the built-up tension and external collective consciousness chaos we’re all sensing. Pure madness is absent of any optimal solution…

I’m utilizing the healing arts, and so am taking advantage of, and sending compassion to the earth. And now I know also I have someone I can call upon to help me out should there be a dire need, leaves me feeling less alone in this kind of unexpected turn. We can still be a beacon of light through what we’re doing to make a difference in the way we are at our best.

It was sad riding a bus through the city the next day, witnessing the destruction and many people wearing masks like they are some kind of contaminated human species; whereas, we are an infinite being first and foremost, with greater potential healing powers within. I would rather stand up for my sovereignty and liberty than the conformity of being ruled. My encouragement to offer is to disallow being a slave to other belief systems and follow what the heart gives as greater truth regardless of circumstances. Whenever you have looping of thoughts or images replaying in your mind, you can use like a children’s rhyme song to alter imprints of others projections to impact your subconscious, and can even repeat a crazy statement or mantra repeatedly to regain control over emotions by retraining the computer of our mind. Our mind is the looking glass of what we allow ourselves to perceive or take on. Keep being you, keep being different, keep being strong.

Cerebral Palsy Reversed!

I have a success story to tell … I once had Cerebral Palsy (CP), and now I don’t.
Along my healing journey that began over a decade ago, I have found many tools – and people – that have supported my healing, my wellness, and my potential. One of my starting points was when I began a Neuro Re-Patterning program through The HANDLE  Institute. As a result, I gradually went through metamorphic changes in my body and mind that were driven by my heart and spirit. Little did I realize that was just the beginning of ongoing transformations to come.
Despite having been placed in special education throughout primary schooling, in 2012 I concluded a triumphant academic experience when I made the Dean’s list in the first quarter of college. In addition, I was guided to a new friend, Tiffany Powers, for assistance with something unrelated to my diagnosed condition of CP. Tiffany introduced me to Theta Healing in my first personal ThetaHealing® session, with her as a practitioner. Then, a number of months later, Tiffany was my first basic and advanced DNA class facilitator. Theta Healing activates our DNA at the level of our highest potential. Working with Tiffany enabled me to restore and renew my connection to my Higher Power for the better like never before.
Afterward, I had ThetaHealing® sessions addressing CP, with Pamela Duff and Jennifer Farley. It was amazing to experience the subtle energy shifts that took place, energizing the neural pathways in my nervous system. My processing of thoughts into motor actions such as thinking and writing was greatly eased and the speed increased. My experiences compelled me to take an additional series of Theta Healing classes four months after the basic courses.
Therefore,  for 9 weeks that started in January 2013, I did a marathon of 10 Theta Healing classes, 9 of which were facilitated by Suzanne Dann, who naturally offered a generous spirit of supportive nurturing and taught me so much. One of those classes was a two-day class with Tiffany Powers mixed in between that power series I had. I wouldn’t necessarily recommend taking so much back to back like that, however, I was already used to lots of stimulation with college and felt I could take this on, I was so ready to purge and recharge. I knew intuitively that taking further classes would catapult me into internal changes that I felt were required. This would enable me to clean the slate of my past sooner than later so that I could get on constructively with my life with more ease and joy.
In my discoveries experimenting probabilities, I’ve learned resilience to survive man-made ‘diagnoses’ of physiological labels by way of having thrived after the following challenges; Cerebral Palsy (I once had), living in multiple foster homes and having been mentally handicapped. 

The gifts of having invested in ThetaHealing®: ThetaHealing® not only helped facilitate energetic change that contributed to the restoration of the brain damage that resulted in Cerebral Palsy, despite society’s beliefs that it is incurable. Furthermore, I have more fully stepped into my individuality, with clarity and empowerment. It greatly contributed to my being able to fully overcome shocks and traumas from a childhood of adversity. I know how to transform the seemingly impossible into the probable. I offer my deepest gratitude and appreciation to all who have contributed towards this becoming probable in every way, including, Karen Greenberg with her Kabbalah courses. Lastly, I give thanks to everyone else who has contributed to my expanded awareness and those I’m currently in a supportive connection with.

HANDLE exercise benefits

Have you ever experienced the wonderful benefits of using a crazy straw, a straw with with some creative design to it?
Amazingly, all it takes is drinking a minimum of 8 oz of liquid with a straw per day, to help with strengthening binocular vision… by way of utilizing the sucking muscles. This is why baby’s instinctively know to suck a lot, in order to develop the eye’s. In so doing, the splinter muscles get strengthened as well. Also, this exercise strengthens bladder and bowel control, as well as the vestibular system and splinter muscles. For further information on this exercise and its many benefits, check out the link under “Cool Stuff” on my website listed on the side.

I Beat Cerebral Palsy

I beat Cerebral Palsy. — I can offer helpful suggestions for you and your family.
I was diagnosed at birth (at 1-year-old?) as having Cerebral Palsy. As you know, CP does not affect intelligence — but it DOES affect your ability to move normally — and that affects how you are perceived in the world. You are labeled … as physically deficient — and therefore “less than.”
Not only does this labeling affect the child, but it becomes a terrible burden on the family — even when the family loves that child and wants to do the best for him or her.
Unfortunately, my family put me up into foster care, which was not so helpful.
But I have been re-writing my story about what I was born with. I chose to find out all the ways I could recover from this condition — and beat the label of .. physically and mentally deficient. I have found healing methodologies for both body, mind and spirit — and I’m here today, able to walk like a normal person, learn, write, type and interact with others like a normal person.
Now I am preparing to share my Cerebral Palsy success story with others to give new hope — and results — from the tools — and the vision — I used for myself.
I am ready to launch my message of Hope — with upcoming tips  — for Overcoming CP — in a big way.