Be You! Be Different! Be Strong!

It was certainly wild out in Seattle on Saturday, May 30th, 2020. My residing just 10 blocks from the nearest violence protest downtown, was really uneasy given my sensitivity to external energies. I could not help but feel all the anger from my solar plexus and my mind being stressed, easily to take on mirroring anger. Fortunately, I’ve been safe and sound.

My awareness told me something unsettling was going on. I then eventually learned of the mayor had called in an emergency curfew due to certain groups with the intention of storming into peaceful protest marches to cause damage. After I got caught up on what was going on, I had a friend from west Seattle check in on me to see that I was okay, for which I’m so grateful for, and thereafter, I was reminded of some energy process to do which really helped me a great deal. I have been doing some energy processes that contribute to releasing the built-up tension and external collective consciousness chaos we’re all sensing. Pure madness is absent of any optimal solution…

I’m utilizing the healing arts, and so am taking advantage of, and sending compassion to the earth. And now I know also I have someone I can call upon to help me out should there be a dire need, leaves me feeling less alone in this kind of unexpected turn. We can still be a beacon of light through what we’re doing to make a difference in the way we are at our best.

It was sad riding a bus through the city the next day, witnessing the destruction and many people wearing masks like they are some kind of contaminated human species; whereas, we are an infinite being first and foremost, with greater potential healing powers within. I would rather stand up for my sovereignty and liberty than the conformity of being ruled. My encouragement to offer is to disallow being a slave to other belief systems and follow what the heart gives as greater truth regardless of circumstances. Whenever you have looping of thoughts or images replaying in your mind, you can use like a children’s rhyme song to alter imprints of others projections to impact your subconscious, and can even repeat a crazy statement or mantra repeatedly to regain control over emotions by retraining the computer of our mind. Our mind is the looking glass of what we allow ourselves to perceive or take on. Keep being you, keep being different, keep being strong.