Pass On The Gift

I recently saw this and immediately thought of you the reader. I’m putting it here for you to read and reread whenever you need motivation
Setting Yourself FREE From A Life You Hate To Living a Life You Love: Pass On The Gift
Right now, there is a person in this world who is encountering the same grief you’ve gone through and they are desperate for comfort, for hope, and to hear words that assure them someone understands. They don’t know how they are going to make it through this. They don’t even know if they want to make it through this. All they know is that they are hurting and it seems the pain will never end. You can comfort them.
Right now, there is a person in this world who has just been deeply wounded in the same way you once were. They are feeling raw and vulnerable, angry at the world, wondering why it happened to them, just wishing their life would return to the way it was before, and so broken on the inside that healing seems an impossibility. You can help them heal.
Right now, there is a person in this world who is on the verge of making a mistake you once made. They have been traveling this path because there was no one there to guide them, to tell them a better way, and they are running full tilt toward the cliff’s edge with no warning signs. You can save them.
Right now, there is a person who has just experienced a major failure in their life. They are ashamed and embarrassed, trying to pretend it didn’t happen. They are about to quit on a dream because they think that the failure means they are a failure. They are feeling frustrated, discouraged, and defeated. You can encourage them.
Right now, there is a person who has just betrayed someone they love and they are alternating between self-loathing, denial, and hopelessness. They are afraid that nothing they could ever do would set things right. They hate looking in the mirror for fear of what they will see looking back at them. They are running from the truth because acknowledging it will require them to face up to what they’ve allowed themselves to become. You can confront them with compassion, restore their hope, and give them the strength to make the changes they must make in order to restore the relationship.
Your story, in its raw, naked, and unvarnished truth, can do all of that and more. It can pull someone who is considering suicide back from the edge. It can build bridges of peace, save lives, and literally write the world a better place. All you have to do is open up and let people in to those places and spaces of your life that you’ve been closing off until now.
Nothing that has happened to you in your life has to be wasted. Everything that you have, until now, hidden from sight in shame or in hoping that it would just go away can be transformed, repurposed, and reused to bring hope, healing, encouragement, strength, and compassion to those in need. Everything that has happened to you can become a gift that you pass on to others.
Every ounce of the darkness that you have undergone can become a light that shines so brightly that those who are lost can look to it and find their way, those who thought they were all alone can look to it and know that someone who understands them is near, and those seeking wisdom will find it and be set free of their fear.
It won’t be easy. I won’t lie. The road will be long and the journey at times exhausting, but in the work you do will be a joy and a peace that nothing else in life can bring. You will know that you are doing work that you were truly meant to do. You will know that every moment of your life is infused with meaning and purpose. You will have no fear about people discovering who you really are because you will be telling them and living it openly, honestly, and without artifice.
You will be set free of the burdens of guilt and shame, released from feeling the need to lie and deceive in order to be loved, and while you will still experience pain, sorrow, and grief, you will know that none of those things can work against you. All of them will work for you, helping you to achieve your goals of writing the world a better place. All of them will give you new stories to tell, new people to reach, and new perspectives to offer.
This is your call. This is your opportunity to enter that hero’s journey. This is your opportunity to step into the power that is yours and yours alone to offer the world. Will you do it? The world is waiting.