The winding road of my journey…

The winding road of my journey, has led me to continue exploring, from within, to understand the fundamental laws of developing individuality for expansion and growth for a greater purpose.
Over the past several months,  curiosity, has progressively been my saving grace!  Have you ever wondered how being on a chase for something you desired, of how much of a contribution it’s been to simply “be” curious?
The gifts of curiosity enabled me to further challenge my potential,  igniting faith and trust with infinite possibilities. A sea of ideas to question everything, has been a part of my way of life. Since the later part last summer, I went from having explored the path of utilizing learned alternative tools that helped me evolve, as well as having help along the way,  desiring to share in exchange as well as reaching out to others, to retreating again to seek within for the next steps. Curiosity led me to taking a 12 week Ultimate Success Masterclass program by Natalie Ledwell,  which contributed to my taking inspired actions that involved creating my own mind movie as a contribution to manifest desires. That actually catapulted me to come face to face with a profound realization, an answer to my being so upset with current circumstances, that I was then guided to start paying attention to Bob Proctor’s teachings, thus I began studying  the success of others in the book, “Think and Grow Rich.” Obviously it was a matter of time to have a breakthrough of seeing beyond challenging oppositions, to recognizing this grand opportunity steps to overcome unresolved inner reactions. Interestingly, I had been familiar with pioneering thought leaders, motivational speakers and authors before. Nonetheless, curiosity was also my nature to be the observer, knowing deeply that just about anything is possible. This was strengthening my faith to go beyond my comfort zone. It’s become clear to me that another chief aim of mine, for fun, has naturally been to earn a Masters or Ph.D in Personal Development from life experiences for a greater purpose.
The winding road through twist and turns of unlearning, self nurturing, forgiveness, study, questioning everything, master minding with like-minded others, open-mindedness, exploring what else is possible yet to be discovered, and re-learning in my experiences have continued on from here, along with making many new connections or friends,  ever-expanding and growing.
Wonderful new doors of opportunity have been coming. After attending a motivational event by Author Les Brown, and from that I signed up to take a workshop on being a successful speaker, and a writers workshop designed by Gerry Robert. And so, my book writing is in process. Lastly, it is the chase of curiosity that is helping me unravel more to learn from, which involves reinventing my life in various areas. I’m so grateful for everything and everyone that has contributed in being a part of my path, and I’m so delighted to being a part of others life in some way progressively.